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Establishing a Dialogue of Trust in a Connected World

Conic's Customer Identity Management

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Customer Identity Management As a Service

Your customers are a critical aspect of your business.  Authorizing customers to interact with your services provides benefits to both you and them, IF IT RESULTS IN A TRUSTED RELATIONSHIP.  

Customers can be challenging based on the diverse nature of their needs. Catering to them can be cost prohibitive.  Universally, trust is the biggest motivator between buyers and sellers.  This is why transparency and trust should be at the heart of the authentication dialogue. 


What is Conic Security's CIAM service?

Conic Security (CS)

Focused on the Digital Trust relationship between you and your customers. Conic Security provides the transparency for your customers to understand how they are interacting with your service, while giving you the flexibility to secure your micro services in the fashion that you need.  By providing a cloud-based service for your organization that is affordable, secure, and adaptable to all of your customer authentication needs Conic Security can achieve a Dialogue of Trust with any customer that you interact with.

CS's CIAM Service Provides The Following:

  • Standards-based approach to providing authentication and authorization for your customers and the flexibility to deploy those methods that align with your business needs.

  • Multi-tenant environment to reduce costs to you as an organization while still providing all of the benefits, through data isolation and access controls

  • Customizable look and feel, login, registration and user management

  • Support teams to manage and monitor the environment to ensure the solution is performing at its optimal

  • Automated scalability based on performance indicators to ensure usage spikes do not impact overall performance

  • Service Level agreements to align with your needs

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Conic Security's CIAM Capabilities

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