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User Locale

A locale selector provider suggests the best locale on the information available. However, it is often unknown who the user is. For this reason, the previously authenticated user’s locale is remembered in a persisted cookie.

How to 

The logic for selecting the locale uses the first of the following that is available:

  • User selected - when the user has selected a locale using the drop-down locale selector

  • User profile - when there is an authenticated user and the user has a preferred locale set

  • Client selected - passed by the client using for example ui_locales parameter

  • Cookie - last locale selected on the browser

  • Accepted language - locale from Accept-Language header

  • Realm default

  • If none of the above, fall back to English


When a user is authenticated an action is triggered to update the locale in the persisted cookie mentioned earlier. If the user has actively switched the locale through the locale selector on the login pages the users locale is also updated at this point.

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