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Login Options

The Conic Security CIAM service includes several built-in login page features. These features provide the flexibility to manage your login requirements through simple to select options in the environment configuration. These options can be quickly and easily changed through the administration console for the environment

How to 

Key aspects of the login configuration options include:

  • User Registration - Provided at the bottom of the login page, the user is able to select the registration option to create an account for your environment. This option brings up the registration forms and envokes the defined work flow for the registration process

  • Forgot Password - Forgot password is an optional setting that enables the user to reset their password. This process envokes the forgot password work flow for validating and changing the users passwords, which may include OTP or email validation.

  • Social Media login - Many social media login options exist, but are provided both as a simpler login method for the user as well as an automated user registration.

  • Remember Me - A logged-in user closing their browser destroys their session, and that user must log in again. You can keep the user’s login session open if that user clicks the Remember Me checkbox upon login. This action turns the login cookie from a session-only cookie to a persistence cookie.


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